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Feb 22, 2018
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Top Ten Worst Actors in Hollywood

Thomas Shajan 8.4.2015

Hollywood has so many actors and actresses who are extremely famous. Are they famous for being talented? What sets apart one actor from another? Is it the ability to act? Looks? Fashion? In my book, a good actor is someone who effortlessly can play different types of characters and have you forget who they really are. A good actor should not be based on good looks, or the fact that they know how to dress, or they wear the most expensive jewelry, or get into the most trouble with the law.  But in today’s Hollywood scene it seems that so many actors are famous for the wrong reasons because they are not too talented. The ones who made it to my list of Top Ten Worst Actors in Hollywood are just not versatile at all.

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger


This is before the Terminator got all mad and grumpy

This is before the Terminator got all mad and grumpy


Number ten is Arnold Schwarzenegger. I just do not understand how this guy ever became an actor.  He cannot act. His voice is the most monotone one I have ever heard. He is all about the muscles. I do not know why just because he has muscles he is allowed to be in movies. It would be okay if he just played a character working out in a gym or a character entering a bodybuilding contests. But to have him do comedies is a big mistake. I have nothing against accents but he speaks English so harshly. It makes the eardrums hurt.  His voice reminds me too much of Frankenstein and that does not work for comedy or drama.

9. Ben Afleck



Psstt..I'm Batman!

Psstt..I’m Batman!

Number nine is Ben Affleck. He has one of those faces that are so generic. His personality is quite generic as well. There is no spark or charm in him. I have only seen him in a couple of movies and quite frankly, that was too many. He just comes across as a boring guy wherever you see him.

8. Keanu Reeves


I call this one, blue lightning!

I call this one, blue lightning!


Number eight is Keanu Reeves. This is another boring and generic dude. The ladies may like him for his looks, but he has no charm or charisma. He is another monotone actor. Whether his character is sad or happy, he looks the same. He does not seem to have the ability to play a deep or difficult character.

7. Drew Barrymore


I'm trying to be cute, can you tell?

I’m trying to be cute, can you tell?

 Number seven on the list is Drew Barrymore. We all know that she comes from a Hollywood family with her grandfather being the late John Barrymore. But is acting ability always passed down from generation to generation? I do not think so. She always plays the same character in romantic comedies. You know, the cutesy, naïve sometimes quirky or awkward girl?  Perhaps she is good at that, but I do believe that is all she can do.  I cannot imagine her doing Shakespeare or playing a villain or something totally different than her typical cute girl character. How many bad romantic comedies can one actress do?

6. Sylvester Stallone

You can't tell, but i'm having a stroke right now!

You can’t tell, but i’m having a stroke right now!

Number six is Sylvester Stallone. He may be good at portraying boxers and tough guys, but let’s face it-that is all he can do. He is another monotone actor. His work is very one dimensional. There is no complexity in this man as an actor.

5. Bruce Willis


Keep Buffing, you'll be able to see your own reflection soon!

Keep Buffing, you’ll be able to see your own reflection soon!

Number five is Bruce Willis. Anytime I see a commercial with his face in it I cringe. He always plays the same hero character with the smart mouth. It gets kind of monotonous after a while.  I do not even know if he can do anything besides smirk. I saw him guest star on some episodes of the show “Friends”, and even on that show he played the same smart mouth guy.

4. Julia Stiles


Oh hey, I'm just hanging out here...with random trees.

Oh hey, I’m just hanging out here…with random trees.

Number four is Julia Stiles. I just cannot watch this girl. She plays that same snarky, tough chick character all the time. She really seems robotic and passionless to me.  She always that annoying pouty look on her face in all of her movies.

3. Adam Sandler


I am not to make anymore lame movies, I am not to make anymore lame  movies!

I am not to make anymore lame movies, I am not to make anymore lame movies!

Number three is Adam Sandler. His movies flat out stink. He is not funny-just sarcastic. In every role he plays, he is sarcastic. I saw him in the dramatic movie Reign over Me. This movie did not reign over me. I thought it would be interesting seeing him in a dramatic role, but he still seemed like his usual sarcastic character. He was on an episode of “The Cosby Show” when he was a teenager and he has not changed from that sarcastic everyday guy.


2. Richard Gere


The best part of waking up....

The best part of waking up….

Number two is Richard Gere.  This man has done a lot of movies, but I just do not understand why. He speaks with such a lack of emotion, his lips barely move when he speaks. Whether his character is angry, happy, or sad, his face always looks the same. He always seems to play the same characters. That charming spell he hypnotizes his leading ladies with does not capture me at all. He is a prime example of an actor being famous for their looks. 

1. Julia Roberts


This is the scariest thing i have ever seen in my life.

This is the scariest thing i have ever seen in my life.

Surprise! Surprise! Number one on my list is Julia Roberts. Sure, she has a nice smile but really-is that enough? She just seems to play the same characters over and over. I do not think she is capable of playing any deep roles.  In Pretty Woman, she played a prostitute who falls in love with a rich businessman.  She always has that same sly smile on her face and has that over the top laughter all the time. When I see her laugh in her movies, I always believe she is thinking, “Ha, ha, ha-I am more famous than I should be!” She has the same smile playing a prostitute, as well as the food critic in My Best Friend’s Wedding. She also has that annoying way of talking.  I just do not think she is capable of many facial expressions. She always has that pouty look and has that sassy way of talking.  There are many actors and actresses today who become ultra-famous for reasons other than acting ability. Why does society put these people on pedestals? And furthermore who cares what they wear on the red carpet? Anyone can wear a gown or a tuxedo. It does not mean that we should spend our hard earned money watching them on the big screen.

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