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Feb 22, 2018
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Top 7 Reasons why Hillary won’t be the next President

Thomas Shajan

Well we are almost to the end of tax season for 2015, which means it is time for everyone to start looking at the 2016 presidential race. Soon you will not be able to watch television without seeing at least one advertisement for some candidate touting what they can do for some part or all of the country. Of course that will just be the start because once the players are in place then the advertisements will be all about mudslinging.
Be ready to hear all the things the other candidate did or did not vote for and why it was negative. What we will not hear is that the candidate voted no or yes against a whole bill that had that particular item buried in it that would not give the advantage to the candidate making the claims. But if you are a discerning voter you will know all this and hopefully you will weed out who you would like to see become whatever position the candidate is running for.
One of the major races, of course, is the presidential race. Some of the presidential hopefuls have already “thrown their hat in to the ring” and are starting out on their campaigns. One of these candidates is Hillary Clinton. Since Ms. Clinton has been in the spotlight off and on over many years it might be a good idea to see what people are thinking about her chances of becoming president, so here are some of the answers.

7. Too much controversy


Yes, yes she does.

Yes, yes she does.


It seems that the Clinton’s in general have been embroiled in controversy ever since they were in Arkansas and it’s still going on. Never mind what happened in the White House, you just need to look at the last month to see, yet another, controversial act pertaining to Ms. Clinton’s use of a personal email server to conduct professional business. There have been media reports that have speculated on just what was on those servers and what was erased.


6. Need for something fresh

top 7 reasons why hillary wont be president fresh



Ms Clinton has been in and out of the news for way too many years. There is talk about Hillary overload and she only represents is the Washington status quo. Just about every time you turn around there is something in the news about a Clinton. But aside from any of the controversy that goes on, Hillary will have to find a way to put everything in the past come up with a new agenda if things are going to pan out for her White House dreams.


5. She’s Hillary Clinton



What on earth are you so excited about??

What on earth are you so excited about??


There is just something about the Clintons and all the time they have spent in the political eye. There are some that say if Hillary becomes president, you just might as well be electing Bill Clinton all over again. Because just as much as the First Lady has the President’s ear, you can believe that the First Gentleman will really have the President’s ear. So maybe there is just too much baggage attached to the Clinton’s in general for Hillary to really become president.


4. Too many years of the same party




7 reasons why hillary won't be president years


Statistically, when there has been one party in the White House for two terms, it is unlikely that the voters will elect anyone from the same party for a third term. This has nothing to do with the candidate so to speak, it is just that the American public likes change and after 8 years of one party line they feel it is time to look at some fresh idea. Also many times during the last years of a presidency most Presidents fall out of favor for whatever reason and the voters tend to not want to carry on the same hassles. Another reason is the ongoing friction between the president and congress. Voters feel that if the president and congress come from the same party then maybe more work will be done. So they choose accordingly.

3. Lacks voter base

Seriously what year is her base from? 1825?

Seriously what year is her base from? 1825?



Ms. Clinton will more than likely wrap up the older, single female demographic, but seems unable to reach younger voters. At this point her appeal to the Hispanics, millennials, and progressive activists is also shaky at best. Here again she will need to think of a new strategy to get more of these voters turned to her side of the political fence.

2. Lacks political charm

God! I'm frightened just looking at it.

God! I’m frightened just looking at it.

A candidate running for a certain office needs to have a background that will lend itself to the job at hand. But getting elected also takes a bit of political finesse and for some reason Hillary just doesn’t seem to have it. She has knowledge and money but when it comes to wooing the voters she misses the point.

1. No real credentials

top 7 reasons why hillary won't be president lack


When you look back at Ms. Clinton’s career, she really doesn’t have all that much experience running a specific office or at least that is how many people will see it. The only elected position she has held is Senator for New York. Even though she was Secretary of State and that is not an elected position. Of course she was First Lady, but again that was not an elected position. So even though she may know her way around Washington there is still some discussion as to whether or not she has the skills to run the country.


These are just a few of the many arguments against Hillary Clinton and I am sure you can find many more on either side. One thing is for sure, Hillary Clinton’s good and bad point will be aired in their entirety in the next few months. All of the other candidates and the media will be digging to find any flaws or problems that she may have endured and bring them to the fore front. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a freak show. 
No matter how you look at the coming election season, there is a good chance it will be interesting. No doubt there will be some new faces in the running and hopefully they will bring new ideas and give us all something to think about. The best we can do is listen to all of the sides, do some homework on our own and try find enough information to help us decide for ourselves how we feel about this or any other candidate and get out and vote for who we choose.

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