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Feb 22, 2018
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Top Ten Reasons why I hate Reality TV

Thomas Shajan 27.3.2015

Hate is a strong word. I don’t use it lightly. I don’t really hate anything or anyone. Except that I really hate reality TV shows. Every now and then, during those “nothing is on” channel surfing moments, I might randomly land on any form of reality TV. And I always react the same: I suddenly jump up to wash the dishes or get the urge to clean…anything something in the house. Not my favorite pass times but my reality is anything is better when I’m that bored. But If I had to come up with ten things to dislike about Reality TV they would need to be the following


10. Actors?? Real Life?? What exactly are you supposed to be?


For Queen and Country Ladies, Line em up!


Starting with Number Ten – Serious…Real? I just can’t get on board that any of it is real. It all looks like an inexpensive way to hire an acting team. The answer is no. While they may not have scripts, unfortunately, they do have writers, craft plot lines, tweak footage and create conflict. Don’t get me started on the conflict. It’s transparent and cheaply put together.


9. He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me…Does anyone really care anymore?

I have never loved someone so muc……wait, is that someone over there with more money?


The Bachelor, bachelorette, and Bach in Paradise phenomenon…..  I swear if Chris had claimed one more time not to know who to pick on Bachelor I was going to climb up on my roof and cut my satellite loose. No one is that confused.  He played at how he wanted Beca to love him and settled for Whitney when he couldn’t get the answer he wanted from her. And Beca? Just say it girl –  I have no idea if I will love you until you cut the flock of females away. But to have all of these people fall in love at the same time and in only a few weeks. No wonder everyone is so confused I guess. We’re lucky they can do more than bump in to walls or chew gum.


8. Sure they can survive Alaska, but why? 

Guys, Can someone please tell me why we are even out here? I've gotta pee.

Guys, Can someone please tell me why we are even out here? I’ve gotta pee.


Now, the action pack reality shows such as Survivor Alaska, that one is actually kinda good. But what kind of bad arse waiver do these people sign. The show is 60 minutes of death defying feats. Cool but reality?? Reality is why would they be forging those rapids or hiking ridge lines with 100 pound packs in the first place. I don’t know, maybe I could get behind it in the tropics and sun with iced drinks and wicker.


7. Magnum does not approve. 

His mustache doesn't look very happy either.

His mustache doesn’t look very happy either.


Bad acting is what it often looks like, oh boy the acting. Where did good TV and actual actors go. Not sure if I get to blame it on screen writers or production, but I think I actually miss Magnum PI. Reality TV is cheap because it doesn’t hire SAG actors.  SAG actors are expensive, the rules to get INTO the union are restrictive, and in general they actually insist on actors being paid what their work is worth.


6. N0 sugar-coating this. I HATE American Idol!

I just had a stroke from staring at her hair for too long.

I just had a stroke from staring at her hair for too long.

American Idol – don’t get me started. For years it was the only show my entire family made time to be together and watch. Then you started hearing about law suits on racism. Hardly the shows responsibility if America is doing the voting. So what do we all of the sudden get? A bunch of contestants that are bottom of the barrel, people we have always voted off first …..and is it always our real votes deciding contest results? The reality shows that need our votes. I often find myself thinking, how in the heck did that person get through…..ooooo created conflict? No one knows. Now this year – Idol has suddenly found serious talent, so what did all of these people do, stay home the last 2 years? In my opinion –  they had to be passed over for contestant to balance the law suits claims. What’s the matter with us, just sit back and listen to the music.


5. Since when did we get so obsessed with strangers dancing?


me neither.

me neither.

Dancing with the stars – don’t touch this one. Really no one do anything to wreck this one. It’s only a matter of time before someone claims something isn’t fair. Ooo created conflict? No one knows.  I have to admit this one is fun to watch and the people really put them selves through a lot. But sense the cast tends to act more like a functioning team, it’s only a matter of time before someone messes this one up.


4. CheapSkates? or Survivor on a budget?


What else would you call someone who serves trash to their guests?

What else would you call someone who serves trash to their guests?

Cheap  Cheap cheap Extreme Cheapskates… So I hate it because it is a blatant attempt to cut jobs from people who have worked hard their entire lives to be good at a craft.  It takes skill to do lighting.  It takes skill to create a costume that makes a mood.  It takes practice, training, and raw talent.  All of which are short cut by the vast majority of crap out there. So the reality is I feel cheated. I pay a snot load of money to my satellite provider and this is all I get in between half hour commercials.


3. The worse the character, the better the show

And I have to vomit

And I have to vomit


Frankly Reality TV promotes bad attitudes and behavior.  Betrayal and double crosses are the primary source of conflict on far too many of these shows.  Want to grab some interest?  Have a character cheat, lie or steal.  Doesn’t matter which one it is or if it’s all three, we need eyes on the screen!   Well, it’s TV, so it’s OK…..because we need it cheap.


2. Are you from that show from that thing, or from this show from this thing?? I can’t tell anymore!

Yup...Which show are you from again?

Yup…Which show are you from again?


Finally, it really bothers me because they’re ALL the same.  There’s only so many times you can watch someone doing the exact same thing that someone else has done, because they saw it on REALITY TV.   The cliches are staring us in the face and driving me to change the channel.  “The Staredown”  “The fake apology”  “The shocked at betrayal stare”  “The justification talk”  “The same interview we’ve seen a hundred times with a hundred different people”  “The sobbing confession”  yada yada yada.


1. How else can i waste hours and hours of my time?

I don't know what to do with myself now

I don’t know what to do with myself now


And finally Number One – The Reality is it’s getting old – I watch less television or turn to the internet for old shows. It’s probably one of the reasons we are seeing more cheaply made shows and sky rocking prices from our distribution companies. Not my problem, I don’t have to watch




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