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Feb 22, 2018
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5 Of the best new phones released in 2016

Thomas Shajan 25.8.2016

2016 has been another big year for smartphones with to get excited about this year, including lots of new flagships as well as some new versions of returning favorites. I’ll summarize what’s coming when and whether it’s worth getting excited about.

Moto E3 and Moto G4 Play – coming in September 2016

It’s been over a year and a half since Motorola released its last 2nd Gen Moto E, and many of us thought it might be the last Moto E we would saw. Thankfully, The company have announced that a successor, the Moto E3 is alive and kicking, and will be with us by September this year.

Even better, it’s being joined the Moto G4 Play. This phone will cost just £129, and has a slightly smaller battery and a quad-core rather than octa-core processor. Otherwise, you’re still getting a large 5.5in Full HD display, a 13-megapixel rear camera and 16GB of storage. This one will be arriving a few weeks earlier than the Moto E3 in mid-August.

Surface Phone – March 2017?


Since Microsoft cut its phone division at the end of May, rumors of its Surface Phone seem stronger than ever. The latest news now suggests that it has a launch date of Spring 2017. The Surface Phone is in development and is currently named Juggernaut. It’s expected to run Windows 10 and be powered by Intel’s latest Kaby Lake chipsets.

Three models may be in development, with the first offering 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, while the second looks to have 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The third model, is expected to with 8GB of RAM and as much as 512GB of storage.

iPhone 7 Coming out in September

2014 gave us the iPhone 6, with the updated iPhone 6S following in 2015, and 2016 will provide a whole new hardware design in the form of the iPhone 7. I’d be amazed if the new phone wasn’t called that and it is set to be launched in late September.

Not much is known about the new design yet, but some rumors are circulating. There’s much talk of the phone getting rid of the headphone jack, using Lightning port and wireless headsets instead. This could, in turn, allow the phone to become slimmer, though battery life may be a concern. There’s also talk of a camera with multiple sensors to improve image quality and focus speeds.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6/7 – Coming out in August


Samsung has decided to stick with the S6 Edge Plus in some locations. So what will the company do this year? At the moment, it looks almost certain that they will get the Note 6 out in August.

It might not be called the Note 6, though, as current rumors suggest Samsung might skip the Note 6 altogether and go straight for the Note 7 to bring it in line with its S7 and S7 Edge smartphones.

Due to launch this August before Samsung’s IFA show, the Note 7 with waterproof protection looks like it will have an iris scanner for advanced security, and all the latest hardware you’d expect from a modern smartphone. That includes a 5.8in 2,560×1,440 Super AMOLED display, 64GB of storage and either a fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, or its brand new successor, the Snapdragon 821.

Blackberry Rome & Hamburg – to be released in September

virtual_assistants BlackBerry was a company that, with phones running its own OS was no longer as popular. However, the company switched to Android, with the BlackBerry Priv. This year, the company looks set to release two handsets at this time named the Hamburg and Rome. Details are thin at the moment, with basic information available: the Rome will have a keyboard, while the Hamburg will not. Apparently, the Rome will have specs very similar to that of the Priv. Apparently, it will cost approximately $500 when it’s launched later in the year, with September rumored at this time.

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